My top 10 hikes of ’10!

Greetings readers.  I want to thank all of you for helping support this blog since its launch in May.  I’m always happy to get feedback and to hear that my reports on these hikes have inspired my readers to get out into nature and explore some of the great outdoors around Los Angeles.  As I’m sure all of you reading this are, I’m looking forward to great things both on and off the trails in 2011, but for my last post for this year, I want to take a look back at my ten favorite hikes that I did for the first time in 2010.

Mt. Zion, Angeles National Forest
Mt. Zion Trail (#9)
Stone Pools trail, Palm Springs
Desert snow on the way to the Stone Pools (#6)
View from Santiago Peak, Orange County, CA
View from Santiago Peak (#3)

#10: Big Sycamore and Serrano Canyon Loop – one of the best hikes in Point Mugu State Park, with good coastal views, wide meadows, narrow canyons and interesting geology, plus great views of the west side of Old Boney Mountain.

#9: Mt. Zion Loop – a challenging hike from Chantry Flats that visits Sturtevant Falls and some of the lesser traveled areas of Big Santa Anita Canyon.

#8: Grandview Point – a great hike on the south side of Big Bear that provides awesome views of San Gorgonio.

#7: Rising Sun & Sostomo Loop – a tour of Solstice Canyon Park, visiting the Tropical Terrace but also taking in some of the canyon’s back country, with good ocean views, geology, spring flowers and clear streams.

#6: The Stone Pools – an interesting hike in the Palm Springs area, showing the contrast between the deserts and mountains, with some great geology to boot.

#5: Lookout Mountain – A steep, challenging hike in the Angeles National Forest with awesome views of Mt. Baldy and the Inland Empire.

#4: Dry Lake – A peaceful trip deep in the San Bernardino Mountains to a small lake that offers as good a view of San Gorgonio as you will get without actually climbing it.

#3: Santiago Peak – The taller of the two “Saddleback” summits, with great views from the top and a lot to see along the way.

#2: Telegraph Peak – Not as well known as Baldy or Cucamonga Peak, but it should be.  The climb is long and steep, but that only means the views from the top are that much better.

#1: San Jacinto Peak – A must-do for any So Cal hiker.  This approach, via the Seven Pines trail, features some rugged, isolated terrain and definitely poses its challenges.  But hey, that’s what hiking’s all about, isn’t it?

So there are my top ten for the year.  Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you on the trails in 2011!


  1. Your blog is great and I am really enjoying reading and re-reading your top 10! Definitely makes me want to get out there and hike it all!

    I didn’t realize this blog was so new but its very good, hopefully one of these days we will get you into the Twitter-verse!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks – I actually do auto-post them to Twitter and I have a few followers there, hopefully more soon to come. Happy new year to you too, hope you get to check out some of these trails.

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