La Tour, Victoria Beach, Laguna, CA

La Tour (Victoria Beach, Laguna)

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La Tour, Victoria Beach, Laguna, CA
La Tour
Tidepools at Victoria Beach, Orange County, CA
Tide pools adjacent to La Tour

La Tour (Victoria Beach, Laguna)

  • Location: Victoria Beach, Laguna. Access to Victoria Beach is via a staircase located between 2703 and 2713 Victoria Drive. From downtown Laguna Beach, take Pacific Coast Highway south for 1.8 miles and bear right on Victoria Drive. From the south, take P.C.H. north (3.1 miles past Crown Valley Parkway and 5.6 miles from downtown Dana Point) to Nyes Place. Bear right and take an immediate left on Victoria Drive, which crosses under P.C.H. Note that parking in this neighborhood is limited and restricted. Pay close attention to signs, to avoid being ticketed or towed. Allow extra time to look for parking and to walk to the staircase from your car.
  • Agency: City of Laguna Beach
  • Distance: 0.3 miles (allow extra time for the walk from your car)
  • Elevation gain: 50 feet
  • Suggested time: 15 minutes (allow extra time for the walk from your car)
  • Difficulty rating: G
  • Best season: All year, low tide recommended (see chart)
  • USGS topo map: Laguna Beach
  • Recommended gear: sun hat
  • More information: Map My Hike report here; Victoria Beach Yelp page here; article about the tower here
  • Rating: 3
Stairs leading to Victoria Beach, Orange County, CA
0:00 – Stairs leading to Victoria Beach (click thumbnails to see the full sized versions)

Following one of the longest hikes ever posted on this site, we now present the shortest. Some might find calling this a hike to be a little generous but those interested in offbeat landmarks and Orange County history won’t want to miss La Tour (French for “the tower”), a 60-foot tower near Victoria Beach in Laguna. The Medieval-inspired tower was built in 1926, allowing homeowner William Brown, a state senator, access to the beach below. Sadly, the tower is closed, but it still provides a glimpse of local history and a nice, quiet place to watch the waves.

Victoria Beach, Laguna, CA
0:03 – North end of Victoria Beach; climb the rocks to get to La Tour

Take the staircase between 2703 and 2713 Victoria Drive down to the ocean, which deposits you on the north end of the beach. From here, turn right and cross over the rocks, passing by a concrete basin that has also served as a swimming pool on the past. La Tour comes into sight almost immediately. The rock scrambling is fairly easy compared to Dana Point and Corona Del Mar, but caution should still be exercised.

At the base of La Tour, the structure and the bluffs behind it form a sort of cave; a nice, shaded spot to enjoy watching the waves. You can extend the hike by exploring the tidepools beyond the tower to the north or south along Victoria Beach before returning up the stairs to your car.

View from La Tour, Victoria Beach, Laguna, CA
0:07 – View from beneath La Tour

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