Luelf Pond Preserve (Ramona)

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Luelf Pond Preserve, Ramona, CA
Dusk in the oaks, Luelf Pond Preserve
Luelf Pond Preserve, San Diego County, CA
View of El Capitan and the distant Cuyamaca Mountains, Luelf Pond Preserve

Luelf Pond Preserve (Ramona)

  • Location: 3000 Duck Pond Lane, Ramona, CA 92065. From the intersection of Highway 67 and Highway 78 in downtown Ramona, take 10th St. south, which soon becomes San Vicente. In two miles, turn right onto Warnock Drive. In 0.8 mile, turn left onto Ramona St. In 0.4 mile, turn right onto Dye Rd. In 0.8 mile, turn left onto Southern Oak Rd. In one mile, turn right onto Willow Oak, which becomes Duck Pond Lane. The park entrance is on the left at 0.3 mile. Limited parking is available on the street by the entrance.
  • Agency: San Diego County Parks & Recreation
  • Distance: 1.2 miles
  • Elevation gain: 250 feet
  • Difficulty Rating: G
  • Suggested time: 45 minutes
  • Best season: Year round
  • USGS topo map: San Vicente Reservoir
  • More information: Trip descriptions here and here; Yelp page here; Map My Hike report here
  • Rating: 6

Pronounced “loolf”, this small park is an off-the-beaten-path treat that offers a surprising amount of variety. The pond itself is not the attraction (it’s off limits) but the beautiful coast live oaks and views are.

Luelf Pond Preserve, Ramona, CA
0:00 – Trail head on Duck Pond Lane (click thumbnails to see the full sized versions)

From Duck Pond Lane, follow the trail into a thick woodland of oaks, keeping an eye out for poison oak. The trail bends east, briefly enters the open where a few homes can be seen on the hillside above and ducks back into the woods. One third of a mile from the start, you reach a junction. The left fork leads to private property and the right fork begins a short but steep climb out of the canyon. As you ascend, you get views of El Capitan Mountain to the east and the more distant Cuyamaca Range.

Luelf Pond Presere, Ramona, CA
0:10 – Climbing out of the canyon (times are approximate)

At 0.6 mile from the start, you reach the preserve boundary, marked by a metal gate. A nearby rock makes for a nice place to sit and enjoy the scenery, including views of the Ramona area and the Palomar Mountains to the north, before heading back.

Luelf Pond Preserve, Ramona, CA
0:20 – Looking north from the turnaround point

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