17 or 17 in 17: Put NHLA to the test!

With write-ups of well over 800 hikes in Southern California, Nobody Hikes in L.A. is sure to feature a write-up of a trail near you. Don’t believe it? Try us. For 2017, NHLA introduces 17 or 17 in 17: a guarantee that there is a write-up of a hike located within 17 miles of you. If you live in the county of Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange, San Diego or Riverside and there is NOT a hike written up within 17 miles of you, we will send you a $17 REI gift card. Each month of 2017, the first reader to send us a mailing address (to nobodyhikesinla@yahoo.com) that is found to NOT be within 17 miles of a hike on this site will receive a card. And if there are hikes within 17 miles of you, we will send you the links to them. You never know what great outdoor areas might be hiding out in your own back yard.

Let the games begin!


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