Announcing the NHLA revenue sharing pilot program!

(Photo: Seth Perry)

Want to make some money and help spread the word about Nobody Hikes in L.A. at the same time?

NHLA is launching its pilot revenue sharing program. By promoting an individual post, you will receive the revenue it brings to the site.

How does it work?

NHLA’s revenue comes from various sources, primarily affiliate link sales, ads, guidebook sales and donations. Every hike write-up receives a certain number of views. While it’s impossible to determine exactly how much revenue an individual post has brought to the site, an estimate can be reached by averaging the site’s total revenue, total traffic and the post’s individual traffic over a time period.

Or, to put it in English: if NHLA’s revenue for a given month is $100 and the site received 100,000 post views, every thousand post views is worth one dollar. If the post “Mt. Doom (via simply walking into Mordor)” receives 5,000 views, it has brought $5 of revenue to NHLA. Thus, a participant in this program who has agreed to promote the post will receive $5.

That doesn’t sound like a lot of money.

No, it’s not. However, if participants promote several posts, over time it could add up. You can make a few extra bucks without leaving your house. At the risk of stating the obvious, the more actively you promote your post, the more revenue you will receive.

What’s in it for NHLA?

Glad you asked! Typically, the visitors you bring to NHLA will click to at least one other post on the site, thus bringing more total page/post views, traffic and revenue.

How do I promote posts?

Once you select a post to promote, you will receive a link to it. You can put that link on your social media pages, in emails, on T-shirts….whatever works.

How do you know what revenue comes from my promotion and what doesn’t?

We don’t. We are happy to give you ALL revenue that a post is calculated to generate. Since all posts (well, almost all of them) generate site traffic on an ongoing basis, theoretically, you don’t have to promote a post at all to receive revenue. (But you wouldn’t do that because you have ethics.)

How many posts can I promote?

As many as you want that are available. Perhaps start with one of your favorite hikes, or a write-up that you found to be particularly helpful.

How long should I promote it for?

As long as you want – with the exception that, should others request the same post, you can renew it for the following month before turning it over to the next person on the wait list.

How do I sign up?

Email with your name, requested post and preferred method of payment and we will handle the rest.

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