Borea Canyon, San Bernardino, CA

Borea Canyon (San Bernardino)

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Borea Canyon (San Bernardino)

  • Location: N. Chiquita Lane and Daley Canyon Road, San Bernardino. From the 210 Freeway, take exit 78 for Del Rosa Avenue North. Head north on Del Rosa for 1.4 miles. Make a hard right on Bonita Vista Drive East. Go 0.3 mile and turn right onto Osbun Rd. Bear left onto Chiquita Lane and follow it 0.2 mile to Daley Canyon Road. Park where available, noting posted restrictions.
  • Agency: San Bernardino National Forest
  • Distance: 6 miles
  • Elevation gain: 1,300 feet
  • Difficulty Rating: PG-13 (Elevation gain, distance)
  • Suggested time: 3 hours
  • Best season: October – May
  • Recommended gear: hiking polessun hat
  • Dogs: Allowed (exercise caution on warm days)
  • Cell phone reception: Good to fair
  • Water: None
  • Restrooms: None
  • Camping: None
  • More information: AllTrails report here
  • Rating: 6

The Daley Canyon Trail, which actually follows a ridge between Borea Canyon and Harrison Canyon, forms a link between the San Bernardino neighborhood of Del Rosa and the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains. This post describes a 6-mile round trip to a junction with West Daley Spur Road, which makes a good day hike. However, ambitious hikers can continue farther up West Daley Spur Road or make a loop by descending it and finishing up on city streets. The route is almost entirely exposed, although if you get off to an early start, various bumps along the ridge will help block out the sun.

From the corner of Chiquita and Daley Canyon Road, bypass the white metal gate and begin ascending through a grove of eucalyptus trees. The start of the trail is paved before becoming dirt. The fire road then makes a serpentine ascent, by turns offering views of the city below and the mountains above. You ascend steadily, maintaining a rate of 400-500 feet of elevation gain per mile – not too severe but it does add up after a while. A few use trails bypass sections of the fire road for hikers who want more of an adventure – but these routes are steep and traverse difficult terrain so don’t expect to save much time with them.

As you climb higher, you get views of the round shapes of McKinley Mountain to the east and Marshall Peak to the west, standing above Highway 18. Farther off are the San Gabriels and the Cajon Pass. At three miles, you reach a junction with West Daley Spur Road. A use trail leads to a knoll, just under 3,000 feet elevation, with some good views. Concrete slabs suggest that this spot may have once housed a lookout. To the north, the ridge drops down to the upper reaches of Harrison Canyon while the south is dominated by the Inland Empire sprawl. Del Rosa Avenue forms an easy-to-trace line almost straight south to San Bernardino Airport.

In case you were wondering, Daley Canyon was named for early San Bernardino settler Edward Daley.

Daley Canyon Trail through Borea Canyon, San Bernardino, CA
Start of the Daley Canyon Trail
Borea Canyon, San Bernardino, CA
Ascending through Borea Canyon
Borea Canyon, San Bernardino, CA
Looking back from near the top of the trail
Borea Canyon, San Bernardino, CA
Looking north from the turnaround point

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  1. I really like your posts! They are always very informative and instructional — particularly the quick hike fast facts. This one was very interesting. I have never been on this hike in San Bernardino before. Keep up your good work! It would also be awesome if you checked out our blog (particularly our suggestions on hiking trails) and see what you think!

    1. Thank youu, glad to hear you’re enjoying this site and finding it helpful. Yours is great too!

  2. Great access point to the SB National Forest. I wonder if it a path can be found all the way to Rim of World HS, following the route of the old Daley Canyon Road?

  3. Loved this trail! The weather cooperated and we met some cool people along the trail. This site has helped me find several hikes in my area that I never knew existed!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the hike, always nice to hear that people are finding the site helpful. That’s why I do it!

  4. I live near this trail. What is shown is the main fire road but if you find it “not hard enough” with the gradual climb and the fire road there are other trails that splinter off to more difficulty that go back to the main trail. There is also a hidden waterfall that flows certain times of the year. The trail starts at about 1500ft and goes 3000+ft in a matter of about 3 or so miles. You can mountainbike it but unless you’re really in shape and an avid rider you’ll wind up pushing it. Great trail.

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