10 backpacking essentials for 2018 (infographic)

For those who are about to take a walk in the mountains there are several aspects to consider in order to help avoid running into bad surprises:

–       Physical training

–       Analysis of the route

–      Check weather forecasts before departure

Physical training is fundamental. In mountain ascents, descents and bumps, the back and knees are constantly subjected to significant stress. It is always advisable to maintain a certain level of training, but for those who are first starting out with hiking or because of the winter season or too many commitments, start again after a few months of inactivity, it is best to start with lighter activities. The difficulty level can then increase gradually but always without exaggeration and skip the steps!

Once you have chosen your trip, it must be analyzed and you must have all the elements to be able to follow it safely. Do you have a map? Are the trails reliably marked or will you have to navigate? Are there shelters or places where you can put up for the night? Are there reliable water sources?

Another thing to consider is the meteorological forecast. Many hikers have encountered trouble on destinations such as Mt. Whitney because they are unprepared for severe and dramatic changes in the weather.

In addition to these there are “ten essentials” that are always have in your backpack. The list of Ten Essentials was assembled by the Mountaneers for the first time in the 30s, as a list of objects that participants in their courses mountaineering had to always have with them during the course sessions. The passing of the years and the evolution of techniques and technologies have led to a modern list of 10 Essentials. This infographic (which originally appeared on 10silove.it) represents the 10 Essentials.ten-backpacking-essentials


Author bio: Jen Starr is a freelance travel writer for some of the top travel websites around the world, writing about everything from hidden gems to luxury hangouts.


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