Product review: Sole Pleasure foot butter from Colorado Aromatics

Recently I was approached by Cindy Jones of Colorado Aromatics about reviewing their Sole Pleasure foot butter, designed to relieve pain in cracked or otherwise tired feet.

The foot butter I received was in a small circular tin (it is also available in a tube) and came in attractive purple paper. The container is about 3 inches in diameter and resembles a vintage style candy dish.

Though I haven’t done any strenuous hikes lately, I have gotten out on a few moderate ones (3-5 miles). Additionally, as I am currently preparing for a move, a lot of physical activity has gone into the packing of boxes and stacking them, so my feet have gotten a decent workout in the last few days. I have used the foot butter several times during this timeframe.

The butter has a pleasant minty aroma and salve like, slightly granular consistently. The main ingredients are Shea butter, comfrey, eucalyptus, mint and black seed oil.

The natural oils of the butter make it stay on your skin for a while (start with dime-size portions and rub thoroughly; add or subtract more as you see fit.) Because of this, it is best used before going to sleep following long hike or hard day on the job. On my first night, I didn’t notice a huge difference, but by the second, I was starting to feel a pleasant tingling sensation. My wife, who is a nurse and on her feet all day, noticed it as well when I was giving her a foot rub.

I plan to continue using the foot butter following more strenuous hikes and benefit from the full extent of its capabilities. My wife is sure to appreciate the foot rubs.

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DISCLAIMER: By reading this you agree not to hold the author, website and Colorado Aromatics responsible for any health issues or other illnesses that result from consuming this product. Make sure you do not have any allergies to any of the ingredients and that you prepare the meal safely. The author and website received no compensation for this review other than a free product.

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