Ava Louise to lead pop-up hike at Walker Canyon

Instagram personality Ava Louise will be leading a hike at Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore. The Dr. Phil alumna recently posted a picture of herself lying in a bed of California golden poppies and captioned it, “At first, when I found out where Lake Elsinore was, I was all, you want me to go to the 909? OK, boomer. But then I saw that @ourordinarylife got like 450 likes on some pic of her stupid kid and I’m like, no way Karen’s going to have more clout than me, so Surstromming, my emotional support Poncelet’s Giant Rat and I were all, hold my Whiteclaw, we’re low key going to Walker Canyon.”

In response to a comment on the post asking if she had any experience leading hikes, the Coronavirus Challenge founder responded, “Singletrack Sally literally just asked me if I have any experience leading hikes. OK, Henrietta Thoreau, just go back to your cabin in the woods, ffs. #hatersbehatin” The 2020 presidential hopeful also noted, “Hiking has helped me become skinny and rich. Before I started hiking, I was, like, a three. Now I’m a ten.”

The former rapper sees the hike as a chance to give back to the community. “When I was 21, I was all about me and how many followers I could get. Now that I’m 21 and a half, I see it differently. I think some of these los3rs in Lake Elsinore have just never gotten the chance to be around someone as hot as me, and I could be a good example for them. You become hotter and get more followers just by being within six feet of me. #itssciencebitches Dr. Phil might say that I’m selfish and entitled, but he doesn’t know me. Find me ONE Tik-Tok of Bhad Bhabie or Lana Rhoades sharing #blessings with sad uggos like I am. Just one. I’ll wait.”

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