Review: Copper H20 water bottle

Recently I was invited by Copper H20 to review their copper bottle. As someone who prefers carrying water bottles to using camel bladders, I welcomed the opportunity. Having now used the 30-ounce bottle (it’s also available as a 20-ounce) both as a supplement to my usual 40-ounce Hyrdoflask on a major hike and having carried it by hand on a smaller hike where I didn’t bring my backpack, here are my thoughts.

Typically, I’m not too drawn to the visual aspects of gear – after all, on hikes, most of it quickly becomes dirty – but I did appreciate the nice packaging in which the Copper H20 bottle was shipped – clean, white box that showed a certain pride in the product. On the trail, it did a good job keeping my ice water cold. (If you are carrying it and have filled it with ice water, expect it to be cold to the touch.) I also like the narrow shape of the bottle, which makes for easier carrying and fits well in a backpack (or the canvas bottle sling, available for purchase on the site). The bottle is just a shade shorter than my Hydroflask, which has 1/3 greater capacity.

The Copper H20 bottle also has online support. This article provides tips on cleaning the bottle, as well as information about the benefits of copper. (For an independent article about the benefits of drinking from a copper bottle, such as weight loss and healing wounds, click here).

My only complaint is that the screw-off top does not have a tab, as is the case on many sports bottles. I understand the aesthetic reasons for this and perhaps the logistics of creating a pull-up tab while maintaining the attractive copper surface would have been difficult. On the big hike I did I used the Copper H20 bottle as my extra supply, pouring it into the Hydroflask once I’d emptied it.

That aside, I found the Copper H20 bottle to be a durable, visually pleasing product that I have enjoyed using and will continue to enjoy using. With more and more information coming out about the dangers of drinking water from plastic bottles, the Copper H20 (starting at $34.50) is a reasonably priced, high quality alternative.


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