“Virtual” Will Hike For Food/Opt Outside: Black Friday, November 27th, 2020

We are proud to announce our 5th annual Will Hike For Food event!

As long time followers of Nobody Hikes in L.A. know, for several years in a row, we have done a food drive hike on Black Friday (to tie in with the “Opt Outside” movement). These events have consisted of a group hike where participants bring food to be donated to a nearby pantry. With concerns about social distancing still being an issue, the 2020 Will Hike For Food event will be virtual.

What does that mean? It means that anyone who is interested can participate whenever, wherever and however they like. For example, you can do a hike of your choosing, donate food and let NHLA know about it (nobodyhikesinla@yahoo.com.) If you don’t have time to physically drop off food at a location you can make a monetary donation to your nonprofit of choice instead. You can take a selfie during your hike and email it to us if you would like to be featured either on the site or in our social media posts about the event. You can also use the hashtag #willhike4food2020 to connect with other participants.

While those who have joined us in the past may miss the in-person interaction and feeling of teamwork from being part of a group, the virtual format has several advantages. The hike will not be tied down to a specific location or time of day and by picking your own hike, you don’t have to worry about a group pace that is too fast or slow for you.

Between the pandemic and the wildfires, this year has been very hard on many people and as in the past, Will Hike For Food is a chance to give back to the community while enjoying time outdoors and celebrating the beauty of nature. Hope you can join us!


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