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Hollywood Hills, Burbank/Glendale, Verdugo Mountains, downtown L.A.

Suicide Trail (Griffith Park)

Suicide Trail (Griffith Park) Location: Travel Town, Griffith Park. From the 134 Freeway, take the Forest Lawn exit (4) and head south. Make an immediate left onto Zoo Drive and follow it to the Travel Town parking lot. Alternately from the 101 Freeway, take the Barham Blvd. exit (11A or 11B). Head north for 1.1…

Suicide Trail, Griffith Park, Los Angeles

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Western Canyon (Griffith Park)

Western Canyon (Griffith Park) Location: Western Canyon Road, Griffith Park. From Los Feliz Blvd. (only 0.2 mile east of Western Ave and 2.5 miles west of the 5 Freeway) head north onto Fern Dell Drive for 0.7 mile (Fern Dell becomes Western Canyon Road). Pull into a large parking lot on the left side of…

Nature Loop, Western Canyon, Griffith Park, CA

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Verudgo Peak (North Approach)

Verudgo Peak (North Approach) Location: Sun Valley, eastern San Fernando Valley. From the west, take I-210 to the La Tuna Canyon Road exit (14). Cross La Tuna Canyon Road and park in a large dirt lot by the gate to South La Tuna Canyon Road. From the east, take I-210 to the La Tuna Canyon…

View of La Tuna Canyon in the Verudgo Mountains, Burbank, CA

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Elysian Park: West loop

Elysian Park: West loop Location: This write-up starts from one of several possible trail heads for the route: the intersection of Stadium Way and Elysian Park Drive, near the Grace Simons Lodge. From the Valley, take I-5 south to Stadium Way (exit 138). Turn left and go 0.7 mile to Elysian Park Drive. Turn right…

View from Elysian Park, Los Angeles, CA

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Eagle Rock Canyon Trail

Eagle Rock Canyon Trail Location: Eagle Rock, at the Scholl Canyon Road exit (11) on the 134 Freeway. Parking is available on Scholl Canyon Road just north of the freeway, by the entrance to the park. More parking can be accessed by heading south on Scholl Canyon Road, taking the first left onto Coloardo Blvd,…

View from Eagle Rock Canyon Trail, Los Angeles

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Veterans Park Trail (Sylmar)

Veterans Park Trail (Sylmar) Location: Sylmar. From the 210 Freeway, take the Polk St. exit (3) and head northeast for 0.6 mile. Turn right onto Eldridge Ave., go 0.3 mile and turn left onto Astoria St. Go 0.5 mile and turn left onto Simshaw Ave. Go 0.2 mile and turn right onto Parkland Circle and…

Veterans Park Trail, Sylmar, CA

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Lower Arroyo Seco Recreation Area

Lower Arroyo Seco Recreation Area Location: There are several possible access points. The hike described here begins at San Pascual Stables, 221 San Pascual Ave., South Pasadena. From Pasadena, take Orange Grove Blvd. south. At 1.3 miles south of Colorado Blvd., turn right onto Madeline Drive, which becomes Arroyo Blvd. Half a mile from Orange…

Lower Arroyo Seco Recreation Area, Pasadena, CA

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Ascot Hills Park

Ascot Hills Park Location: 4371 Multnomah St., east Los Angeles. From the 10 Freeway, take the Soto Ave. exit (19 if you’re coming from the west; 19C if you’re coming from the east). Head northeast on Soto Ave. for one mile and turn right onto Multnomah St. The park is on the left at 0.3…

Ascot Hills Park

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Conover Loop (Lake View Terrace)

Conover Loop (Lake View Terrace) Location: Lake View Terrace. Parking is available on Foothill Blvd. on the north side of the road, just southeast of the bridge crossing Big Tujunga Creek. (Note parking restriction signs; parking is not allowed in the immediate area of the bridge). For Google Maps, the address 9475 Foothill Blvd, Sunland-Tujunga…

Oak tree, Conover Fire Road, Lake View Terrace, CA

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Haunted Table 29 (Griffith Park)

Haunted Table 29 (Griffith Park) Location: Camp Road and Griffith Park Drive, Griffith Park.  From L.A. and points south, take I-5 to the Griffith Park exit.  Cross over the freeway to Crystal Springs Drive, turn right and go a mile, just past the parking area for the merry go round, and turn left on Griffith…

Haunted Table 29, Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA

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Doc Larsen Loop

Doc Larsen Loop Location: Lake View Terrace at the corner of Dominica Ave. and Jimenez St. From I-210, take the Wheatland Ave. exit. Follow it north (turn right if you’re coming from the south/east, left if from the north/west) a short distance to Foothill Blvd. Turn right and go 0.3 miles to Esko Ave. Turn…

Fire road in the Angeles National Forest

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Upper Franklin Canyon Reservoir

Upper Franklin Canyon Reservoir Location: Hollywood Hills.  From the San Fernando Valley, take the 101 freeway to Coldwater Canyon.  Head south on Coldwater for 2.5 miles and take a hard right on Franklin Canyon Drive.  Drive 0.7 miles into the park and take a left into the parking lot for the William O. Douglas Outdoor…

View of Upper Franklin Canyon Reservoir, Hollywood Hills

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Condor Trail (Griffith Park)

Location: Mineral Wells Picnic Area, Griffith Park.  From L.A. and points south, take I-5 to the Griffith Park exit.  Cross over the freeway to Crystal Springs Drive, turn right and go a mile, just past the parking area for the merry go round, and turn left on Griffith Park Drive. Go 1.2 miles to the…

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