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City of Riverside, eastern Santa Ana Mountains, San Bernardino, San Bernardino Mountains foothills and more.

Bogart County Park

Bogart County Park Location: Near Cherry Valley, Riverside County. From points east, take the 10 Freeway to Highland Springs Ave (exit 96). Head north for 2.4 miles to Brookside Ave. Turn left and go one mile to Cherry Ave. Turn right and go 1.5 mile to the park entrance (Cherry Ave. becomes International Park Road). …

Bogart County Park, Cherry Valley, CA

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Borea Canyon (San Bernardino)

Borea Canyon (San Bernardino) Location: N. Chiquita Lane and Daley Canyon Road, San Bernardino. From the 210 Freeway, take exit 78 for Del Rosa Avenue North. Head north on Del Rosa for 1.4 miles. Make a hard right on Bonita Vista Drive East. Go 0.3 mile and turn right onto Osbun Rd. Bear left onto…

Borea Canyon, San Bernardino, CA

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Massacre Canyon Falls

Massacre Canyon Falls Location: North of San Jacinto on Gilman Springs Road. From the 60 Freeway in eastern Moreno Valley, take exit 68 for Gilman Springs Road and follow it southeast for a total of 10.6 miles. In 0.6 after the interchange with Highway 79, look for a small dirt parking lot on the right…

Waterfall, Massacre Canyon, San Jacinto, CA

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Walker Canyon

UPDATE 3/21/19: Due to high traffic from the 2019 “Super Bloom”, Lake Elsinore is operating a shuttle for $10 round trip. For parking locations and other information, click here. Location: Lake St. and Walker Canyon Road, Lake Elsinore. From the 15 Freeway, take exit 81 for Lake St. If you are coming from Corona, turn left…

Walker Canyon, Lake Elsinore, CA

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Fresno Canyon (Corona)

Fresno Canyon (Corona) Location: Nicholas Place and Green River Road, Corona. From the 91 Freeway, take the Green River Rd. exit (44). Head east on Green River Rd. (turn left if you are coming from the east; right if you are coming from Orange County). Go 0.9 mile to Nicholas Place, turn right and park…

View from Fresno Canyon, Corona, CA

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Hagador Canyon

Hagador Canyon Location: Corona.  From the south, take I-15 to El Cerrito.  Turn left and go a total of 4.4 miles on El Cerrito, which becomes Foothill Parkway.  At Trudy Drive, make a U-turn and park on Foothill Parkway facing east in one of the few spots designated for the Skyline Trail.  From the 91…

Hagador Canyon, Corona, CA

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Whisper Ranch Trail (Yucaipa)

 Whisper Ranch Trail (Yucaipa) Location: Eastern Yucaipa. From I-10, take the County Line Rd. exit (87) and head east fo 3.3 miles to the road’s end in a cul-de-sac. The trail leaves from the end of the road. Agency: City of Yucaipa Distance: 1.6 miles Elevation gain: 300 feet Difficulty Rating: G Suggested time: 45…

View from Whisper Ranch Trail, Yucaipa, CA

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Olive Hill (Moreno Valley)

Olive Hill (Moreno Valley) Location: Moreno Valley. From Riverside, take the 60 Freeway to Perris Blvd. Turn left on Sunnymead Blvd and take the first left on to Perris Blvd. Go 1.3 miles and turn right onto Jaclyn St. Go half a mile and turn left on to Kitching. Follow it to the end and…

The San Gabriel Mountains as seen from Olive Hill, Moreno Valley, CA

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Oakmont/Oak Ridge Loop (Redlands)

Oakmont/Oak Ridge Loop (Redlands) Location: Southeast Redlands at Oakmont Park, Sutherland Drive and South Lane. From I-10, take the Yucaipa Blvd. exit. Head south (turn left if you’re coming from Palm Springs; right if you’re coming from San Bernardino) and make your first left onto Outer Highway 10 South. Go 0.3 miles and turn right…

Oakmont Trail, Redlands, CA

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Slaughterhouse Canyon (Murrieta)

Slaughterhouse Canyon (Murrieta) Location: Murrieta, near the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve. From I-15, take the Clinton Keith Road exit and follow it southeast for 4 miles to Avenida La Cresta. Turn right, go 0.3 miles and turn right to stay on Avenida La Cresta. Go 0.3 miles and turn right on Via La Entrada.…

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Hemet Maze Stone

Hemet Maze Stone Location: Northwest of Hemet.  From Highway 74 (8.5 miles east of the 215 Freeway and 5 miles west of downtown Hemet) head north on California Avenue.  Follow it a total of 3.2 miles to a dead end (turn left on Tres Cerritos Avenue after about a mile and then turn right to…

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