Downtown L.A./Hollywood Hills/Verudgo Mountains – Moderate hikes

Ascot Hills Park

Beacon Hill (Griffith Park)

Beacon Hill/Cedar Grove Loop from Cadman Drive (Griffith Park)

Bee Rock (Griffith Park)

Bronson Cave (Griffith Park)

Catalina Verdugo Trail to Cerro Negro

Condor Trail (Griffith Park)

Deervale-Stone Canyon Park

Deukmejian Wilderness Park

Ernest E. Debs Regional Park

Firebreak/Observatory Loop (Griffith Park)

Franklin Canyon Park (Hastain Loop)

Fryman Canyon Loop

Getty View Trail

Glendale Peak (Griffith Park)

Haunted Table 29 (Griffith Park)

Haunted Table 29/Cathy’s Corner Loop (Griffith Park)

Lake Hollywood Park via Hollywood Reservoir Single-Track

Mt. Bell/Amir’s Garden (Griffith Park)

Mt. Chapel (Griffith Park)

Mt. Hollywood (Griffith Park)

Oakmont Loop

Royce’s Canyon (Griffith Park)

Stough Canyon Loop

Suicide Trail (Griffith Park)

Travel Town Loop (Griffith Park)

Valle Vista Fire Road

Vermont Canyon to Ferndell (Griffith Park)

Veterans Park Trail (Sylmar)

Western Canyon (Griffith Park)

Wilacre Park/Dearing Mountain Trail Loop

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