Santa Barbara & Ventura – Moderate hikes

Aliso Canyon Loop

Arroyo Verde Park

Carrizo Plain National Monument

Chorro Grande Trail Camp

Gaviota Wind Caves

Hot Springs/Saddle Rock/Girard/McMenemy Loop

Inspiration Point

La Jolla Trail to Upper Ballard Campground

Montecito Overlook

Mt. Pinos

Murrieta Trail Camp

Parma Park

Piedra Blanca

Potrero John Trail

Raspberry Spring Trail

Reyes Peak

San Antonio Creek Trail

San Marcos Foothills Preserve

San Miguel Island (Day hike from Cuyler Harbor to ranger station)

Santa Cruz Island – Potato Harbor

Santa Cruz Trail to Nineteen Oaks

Santa Rosa Island

Tangerine Falls

Tar Creek (Sespe Wilderness)

Ventura River Preserve

West Fork Lion Falls

Wiman/Old Pueblo/Buena Vista Loop

Yucca and Las Cruces Loop (Gaviota State Park)

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