South Bay, Long Beach & West Side – Moderate hikes

Abalone Cove

Apsley Trail (Palos Verdes Peninsula)

Baldwin Hills Overlook

Bluff Cove/Flat Rock Point

Deane Dana Friendship Park

Filiorum Reserve: Ford and Pony Trails

Filiorum Reserve: Rattlesnake/Gary’s Gulch Loop

George F Canyon

Honeymoon Cove/Christmas Tree Cove

Ishibashi Farms Trail

Miraleste Canyon Trail

Paseo Del Sol Fire Road – Via Campesina

Pirate/Cristo Que Viento/Flying Mane Loop (Forrestal Reserve)

Rim/Grapevine Loop (Portuguese Bend Reserve)

Sand Dune Park

San Ramon Reserve

Shipwreck Trail

Sunrise/Sunset/East Portal Loop (Ocean Trails Reserve)

Switchbacks/Dudleya Loop from Warmouth St. (Ocean Trails Reserve)

Three Sisters Reserve



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