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9 thoughts on “Surveys

  1. Would Like an easier way to browse though all the hikes. Like a map with pin points of all the hikes and as you hover over each pin, it has a little pop up of what it is.

      1. We usually use Google Maps for the location (clickable links) of each hike, but are still in the process of implementing a master-map with all of the hikes. Soon hopefully.

    1. Good idea – it may take a while to implement, but in the mean time, many of the posts do have links to either maps or to the Everytrail site, where one can download the trip to a smart phone.

  2. I’d like to see a nice big coffee-table book. Until then I’ve donated through Paypal. You do an amazing job. Hiking In LA would be so much harder without you.

  3. Hello
    Hope all is good!

    I’ll be making my Spring visit to Los Angeles soon, and am considering doing a short night hike just after sunset on the Bantam Trail in Trebec Open Space Reserve. I’ve hiked this trail once before, but never at night. I’m wondering,,,,, should I be concerned about rattlesnakes and mountain lions being more likely out & about after dark up there?

    1. Hi Michael, I would say that the likelihood of encountering a rattlesnake or a mountain lion is very low. Mountain lions do tend to be more nocturnal so if you are going to see one it’s more likely to be at dusk or night, but given that there are estimated to be about only 4,500 wild lions in the entire state of California, the odds of seeing one near civilization are long. As for snakes, I typically see only a few per year and usually during the day (they like to sun themselves). Thanks for reading and have a safe, fun trip here.

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