Guest Post Information

If you are interested in writing a guest post for Nobody Hikes in L.A., please fill out this form.

Things to consider:

*Has the topic been covered recently on NHLA and is it a subject about which there is already a lot of information available online? If so, how does your take on the subject stand out?

*How can you use this subject to connect with readers, solve problems, answer questions and inspire engagement? Think about the type of content that resonates with you personally as opposed to the type that you scroll past because you feel as if you’ve seen it before.

*You might want to read “Rescue on Brown Mountain” which is one of the most successful guests post published on the site in terms of reader response. Why? It tells a story that serves as a good cautionary tale for Los Angeles based hikers who think, “It can’t happen to me.” Because it is uniquely personal, it stands out from “Best Of” lists, “Must Have” lists and other types of content that often over-saturate many peoples’ news feeds.